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Our Kolkata escorts are better than real women

I have often said, on many other blogs, that using escorts in Kolkata is far better than relationships with 'real' women. I will try to summarize my main points starting with this post, the first in this series. Warning: The post has some philosophical content.

You might notice that this post is classified under 'secular religions'. It stems from my view that the conventional 'dating-girlfriend- wife' paradigm is a secular religion. One of the hallmarks of a secular religion is that it requires followers to make sacrifices for concepts such as 'common good', 'future', 'upholding ideals' and 'no pain no gain' etc. It is noteworthy that secular religions from capitalism, socialism, nationalism to environmentalism require self-sacrifice from a large number of believers for the common good, but which (in reality) 'benefit' only a few.

With call girls in kolkata, there is no emotional baggage, you can always pick a gorgeous looking girl to bang (no matter how old you get), there is a diversity of them and they are always willing to please you regardless of their mood.

A wife brings her own emotional baggage, needs huge financial investment along with monetary loss in case of divorce, and she will look less sexually appealing as age goes by. Wives also sometimes withhold sex as leverage against their husbands.

What desirable sensation can a 'real' relationship give you that an escort cannot?

To understand the use of that word, you have to first read my concept of reality. There are two overlapping types of reality, namely: the hard physical (light, heat, electromagnetic radiation, atoms, molecules, gravity etc) and the one our brains make up (perception-sensation). Have you ever wondered if your brain perceives a blue sky, sandy beach or a red rose, in a manner identical to everyone else? or is your perception of those events uniquely linked to your neuronal wiring and experiences that modify it? How do you know what blue is, what justice is, what someone deserves?

The whole paradigm is based on certain concepts.

Success is measured by how many women are attracted to you (we make the goalposts, and shift them to our liking).

It is manly to... (insert your favorite manipulative idea).

Only 'real' men do…. (insert your favorite slow suicidal activity).

You will not be respected if .. (anything that involves questioning of 1,2 and 3).

Do it for.. (insert appeal to kids, evolution etc)

What I m trying to say is: "What is in it for me?"

Humans are mortal, and save some unexpected event will remain so. Your 'self' is a result of your peculiar journey though life and, while there are others like you, it is still unique. Your 'self' will die with your physical body. Your descendants after a few generations will be nothing like you, if they are still human (or not extinct). Our ability to predict the future is pathetic at best.

So the best way to live is to do what makes 'you' happy. I said 'you', not your family, friends, coworkers, fuck buddy etc. Life is about making yourself happy, not pandering to the interests of others (beyond that necessary for survival or achieving your goal).

I have much to write, but find that most readers cannot concentrate on articles over 600 words long. So you will have to wait for my upcoming posts. This is why you should see more of escorts in Kolkata.